Genius Hour Movie Trailer

I used iMovie to create a movie trailer to promote my Genius Hour blog and focus on stress reduction for students. This was my first experience with iMovie and I did experience some initial frustrations trying to import photos rather than videos. However, I learned that when I exported it as project I was able to add in my own photos - I didn't include videos but also had this option!

iMovie can be a great tool for teachers to use to spark student interest on a given topic. For example, they may make a movie trailer promoting biodiversity in science to get students excited for the upcoming unit. I think it can also be a great tool for junior level students to use to create their own movie trailers or even more general videos on a given topic. It's a really flexible in that it allows you to edit movie trailers as projects or can be even more open-ended if students choose to create a movie from scratch... the creativity is limitless!


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